How to Referee a Basketball Game

Learning how to referee a basketball game involves a process. Unless you are doing it at a relatively low level, such as for young children in a recreational league, it is advisable to properly learn how to referee a basketball game. Take the following into account to learn how to referee a basketball game.

  1. Join an officials association. An association is an organization of officials that can help you get started. They will be able to help you get games, help you learn how to referee and help you continue to learn. Try to find one in your local area to get started in officiating basketball.
  2. Take some classes or clinics to learn how to referee basketball. In terms of actually learning how to referee basketball, find a class or clinic to help teach you specifics in refereeing. While you may have an understanding of the game and some of the rules, a class or clinic will help you learn more of the dynamics of officiating, such as placement and mechanics.
  3. Read the rule book. You should obtain and study the basketball rule book for the presiding high school association. If you live in the United States, for instance, it will be the state high school association respective to where you live or want to referee. Study the rule book constantly to develop a better understanding of the rules.
  4. Learn from the veterans. Those who have officiated for a while will be happy to help you get started. Ask them if you can go to their games and watch them referee. Ask a lot of questions. Perhaps you could have some experienced officials referee with you in your first few games to give you advice. Take advantage of those who have been around the game for a while.
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