How To Refill Swiss Foska Watch Lighter

If you don’t have enough gas in your lighter to light your exquisite cigarettes, it’s time to learn how to refill a Swiss Foska watch lighter by following these simple and easy steps. This will not take you more than just a few minutes. Follow the instructions carefully because if not you will only get half a refill, a frequent mistake that many people make.

 To refill a Swiss Foska watch lighter, you will need:

  • Swiss Foska watch Llighter
  • Small screwdriver
  • Lighter refill can
  • Ventilated area
  1. About the Swiss Foska watch lighter pack. With a little bit of research you will discover that this exclusive product is a very old classic from the 50’s and possibly earlier. It is elegant and gives the owner a high class touch. Nowadays it is very hard to find one of these fancy, old models. If you are lucky to get one, treasure it like a gold bar. It is likely that no warranty will cover it now as it is very type. If you are lucky enough to acquire a brand new one (which is very unlikely to happen) always save your sales receipt and read the warranty.
  2. If you find a brand new, original one in a retail store it is best to take it to the store for a refill. The will usually include that kind of service. This is to be on the safe side or if you are afraid to do it yourself. If you are in this situation we encourage you not to violate the warranty. Any personal procedures are your own responsibility. If you have an old one without a warranty you can also take it to any cigarette store. They have the equipment to do a refill in no time for very little money.
  3. Make sure you are in a well ventilated area so that if gas escapes it won’t harm you. Next, you need to light the lighter until there is no fuel left. You must be sure that it is completely empty. After this you must do two things. First, at the bottom of the lighter you will see two mechanisms; a brass screw and a valve/nozzle. Take the screwdriver and adjust the screw clockwise or anti clockwise to regulate the flame output. Second, with the same screwdriver, push in the nozzle to let the remaining gas or air out. This will ensure that it is totally empty.
  4. Turn the watch lighter upside down. Do not try to refill it in any other position. Take the butane can and gently insert it into the nozzle. Always remember to buy a good butane fuel. Count up to five seconds and remove the butane. After this wait at least five to seven minutes for the gas to completely reach room temperature. Then reset the flame height adjuster. Do not set it to the highest level on the first try. That’s it! The job is done!
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