How To Refinish A Grand Piano

Knowing how to refinish a grand piano is comparative to conserving a touch of history. These finely crafted instruments are designed to last for generations. When wear and tear occur and the original beauty fades, refinishing will return your grand piano to almost new condition.

To refinish a grand piano you will need:

  • Commercial stripper
  • Sandpaper or electric sander
  • Wood stain
  • Clear coat or lacquer
  • Buffing cloth
  1. Remove the old finish. The first step in refinishing a grand piano is removing the old surface. Stripper is applied to the finish. Depending on the original finish of the piano, the old finish is allowed to bubble and flake off or is scraped off with a paint scraper. Using any tools when refinishing a grand piano requires great care and expertise to not damage the actual wood casing.
  2. Inspect the casing. When refinishing a grand piano, it needs to be inspected for cracks, chips or splits in the wood once the old finish is removed. Flaws in the original wood can cause separations or lead to fine line cracks. These flaws are hidden usually hidden under the finish and are only exposed when its removed. Pay particularly close attention to the legs as stress cracks often occur in this area. Any flaws in the wood will need to be repaired by a master craftsman who specializes in musical instrument repair. Do not try to fix the flaws on your own.
  3. Sand down the wood. Refinishing a grand piano requires that the casing be lightly sanded to remove any remaining chemicals from the previous finish. This is often achieved through hand sanding to control the pressure and depth of the process.
  4. Apply the stain. For a natural wood look, a colored stain is applied for refinishing a grand piano. Stains range from light blond colors to deep wood tones. The stain is applied with a spray method for even, no-line application.
  5. Apply the lacquer. A clear lacquer is applied when refinishing a grand piano to protect the stain and the wood. It also gives a shine to the finish.
  6. Buff the finish. The final step in refinishing a grand piano is buffing. The buffing polishes the finish to a shine.
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