How To Refoam Speakers

Has the foam from around your speakers fallen off, causing you to look for tips on how to refoam speakers? Over time, the foam ring around your speakers can deteriorate or get damaged. Refoaming your speakers will give you back that crisp, quality sound they had when you first purchased them. You can definitely save money by refoaming your speakers instead of purchasing new ones. With a little patience and the right supplies, you can refoam your speakers in no time.

To refoam your speakers, you will need:

  • A refoaming kit (foam, shims, a dustcap, contact glue)
  • Clamps
  • A razor knife
  1. Remove the speaker from the cabinet. Once the cabinet is open, lift the speakers up just a little to disconnect the wires. Then, continue to remove the speakers completely from the cabinet.
  2. Clean off the old foam from the speakers. Remove the old gaskets. Use a razor knife to assist you if needed. You can remove the old foam with your fingers. Make sure to loosen up and remove as much material as possible. Just remove the glue that peels off easily. Don't use any cleaner or solvent to help remove the glue.
  3. Glue the new foam ring into place around the speaker cone. Use the contact glue that came with the kit to apply the glue on the speaker cone. Once the glue is applied, attach the new foam ring surrounding the speaker cone by lining the new foam ring up exactly over the cone, exactly were the old ring was. Push the foam down gently on the cone with your fingers until the glue begins to hold the foam.
  4. Glue the foam around the metal speaker housing. Apply the contact glue onto the metal line of the speaker. Attach the foam to the metal speaker housing and press it down into place. Use clamps to press down and hold down the edges of the foam to the speaker housing.
  5. Replace the old gaskets and dustcaps. If you choose to replace the gaskets with new ones, spread the glue on the gasket and push it into position. Once the gasket is properly in place, do not change the alignment of the gasket or the foam. Install a new dustcap with glue if needed.
  6. Allow everything to dry. Allow at least a good eighteen to 24 hours for all the glue to dry and for everything to be tacked into place. Once dry, remove all of your clamps. Carefully place the speaker back into the speaker cabinet. Connect all wires and enjoy the use of your like-new speakers.
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