How To Refurbish A Cell Phone

Learn about how to refurbish a cell phone to revive your old phone.  Refurbishing a cell phone can be a great way to save costs.  It is also a good option if they no longer make your existing phone.  Before you begin this project, verify your cell phone is no longer under warranty coverage.  Opening the phone will void any existing warranty coverage.

Supplies you will need:

  • Cell phone replacement parts:  If you do not have access to new parts, you can always purchase another broken phone.  Make sure that the broken phone does not have the same problem, so you can verify that it is a suitable donor parts cell phone.
  • Screwdrivers:  You will need a small mini screw-driver set.  You may also wish to purchase a torx screwdriver set, in case you run into high security screws.
  1.  Identify the parts which will need to be swapped out.  Often buttons may wear out, or screens may get scratched on your cell phone.  If you have an older phone with an antenna, they can be susceptible to breaking off.
  2. Remove the needed parts from the donor phone.  Remove the battery door.  Look for any existing screws.  Certain screws may be hidden away under decals.  Once all the screws are removed, you will need to physically separate the housing.  The best way to do this is to apply firm pressure around the sides of the phone.  Identify the parts you need, and remove them from the donor phone.
  3. Open your target cell phone.  Use the information from the second step to open your phone.  It is important to open your donor phone first.  This way, you will avoid accidentally damaging the phone you intend to refurbish.
  4. Install the parts from the donor phone.  Install the parts which you need for your new refurbished phone.  Be sure to use the same screws. 
  5. Test your refurbished cell phone.  Reinstall the housing assembly.  Use caution, to avoid breaking your phone.  Once you are finished re-assembling the unit, make a test call on your refurbished cell phone.
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