How To Refurbish Vintage Leather Luggage

Learning how to refurbish vintage leather luggage can be a long but a rewarding one. Vintage luggage was used by the upper class in the old days and is rarely found in stores now. You can use your vintage luggage as a show piece or use it during your travels, although the latter of the two ideas may be a bit difficult since most vintage luggage is heavy and bulky.

Things you'll need:

  • Leather cleaner
  • Wash cloths
  1. Clean it To clean leather you will have to use a leather cleaner. With leather cleaner and a soft cloth you will be able to get most of the dirt and smell out of your luggage. If there is cloth inside of the luggage, a damp cloth and soap should do the trick.
  2. Replace missing parts You may have vintage luggage that will be great for a trip, but you're missing a zipper or handle. You can pick these up parts at your local luggage store or online. You can fix this yourself or take it to a professional. If you're unsure how to replace a missing item, let a professional do it. You wouldn't want to destroy a vintage piece of luggage.
  3. Polish it Now that your luggage is clean and in working order, take the time to bring it to life. Grab the leather cleaner and a soft cloth. You can polish the luggage and use a separate cloth to buff it to a nice shine.

Refurbishing a vintage piece of luggage, especially leather luggage, will be difficult, but with patience you can be using that vintage luggage in no time.

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