How To Regain Strength From Ankle Fracture

The question, how to regain strength from ankle fracture, is not always an easy answer. When you fracture your ankle, you're off of it for anywhere from one to three months. Being off your ankle for that long is not only tough on you, but it is tough on your ankle. You lose all the muscle and strength in your leg, but that does not mean your mind is not telling your ankle to just go.

 To Regain Strength in your ankle, you will need:

  • Time
  • Patience
  • Regular flat shoes, or flip flops
  1. You need time because it is not going to be better overnight! It will take you weeks, possibly a couple months to use your ankle the way you used to. To regain strength from your ankle fracture, you are going to want to take it easy. When you have a cast on for that amount of time, chances are you are going to want to act as if it is still broken. It is possible for you to re-fracture your ankle, and if you do not want another cast on for that amount of time, take your time getting to where you need to go. If your ankle is bothering you, rest it, put ice on it.
  2. Being patient is very important too, because if you are not patient with your body, it will fail on you. Your ankle fracture is not too far in the past, and if you are not patient, your ankle can break a whole lot easier then it did the last time. You can trip and break your ankle, or walk wrong, and boom you are in the same situation. You may even want to get crutches if you are on your feet a lot so you can use the crutch rather then walk on your ankle all day.
  3. Wearing regular flat shoes or flip-flops are best for someone in your situation. The reason why, is because if you go out and wear heals, you can very well fall right out of your heel. In addition, your ankle is still trying to heal its self, and with you wearing all different kinds of shoes can make it heal wrong, and that is a risk you will take if it breaks again.

You have to nurse your self-back to health. You have to make sure your body feels comfortable with what its doing before you go and do it. Good luck!

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