How To Register A Motorcycle

New owners need to know how to register a motorcycle. The hard work of choosing and paying for a motorcycle is done, and now you need to register the motorcycle so it has a legal tag. The registration process for a motorcycle officially registers the motorcycle in your name.

To register a motorcycle, you need:

  • original title
  • proof of insurance
  • photo ID
  • old tag if you are transferring


  1. Contact the local county tax collector's office. Most states handle registration through these offices. Some locations allow you to set an appointment time, so ask about that when you call for the office hours.
  2. Bring the original title for the vehicle. The previous owner signed this over to you at the end of the sale. It should have an additional fields for the sales price.
  3. Before the registration can proceed, some states require proof of insurance. Contact the registration office in your location to see what their requirements are for this.
  4. The registration office will process your paperwork while you wait. Waiting is usually the worst part when you go to register a motorcycle. Ask the registration office when you initially contact them if there's a better day of the week or time of day to come there. Sometimes you can arrive when there's no waiting lines.
  5. If you are not transferring an old tag to the new motorcycle, the agency will hand you a new tag. Remember to take your old tag off of any traded in vehicle if you have one before you sell it.
  6. Some tag agencies require you to pay in cash. Check when you call to see what their payment options are and approximately what the cost will be to make sure you have enough on hand.
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