How To Register A Prepaid MasterCard

You bought a prepaid MasterCard and you want to know how to register that prepaid Mastercard. It is easy to register your prepaid MasterCard. You can register your MasterCard online or through a simple telephone call. It only takes a few minutes to register your card and then you will be able to use your MasterCard like a regular credit card.

Things You Will Need

  • A prepaid MasterCard
  • Online access
  • A telephone
  • The activation code for the prepaid MasterCard


  1. Buy a prepaid MasterCard from a local store or bank. Pay for the card and bring it home.
  2. Call the number on the paperwork that came with your prepaid MasterCard. If you do not have paperwork, the phone number will be on the back of the MasterCard. The representative will ask you for the activation number of your new prepaid MasterCard. This activation number will come with the MasterCard when you buy it. The representative will also give you a pin number or ask you to choose one for yourself.
  3. The representative may ask you other information. They may ask you your name, address, etc. They could ask you this information so you they can set up an online account for you. They want to connect your name and address to your new MasterCard.
  4. If you want to activate you card online, you can do this. Go to the site listed with the MasterCard’s information. The MasterCard’s website is written (in small letters) on the back of the MasterCard itself. When you get to the site, click on the (activate) my card button.
  5. Enter the card number and activation number on the site. Enter the pin number with the MasterCard’s information. Enter the expiration date and CVC code. Your MasterCard is registered and activated.
  6. Add your personal information online if you feel comfortable doing this step. You do not have to do this step. You may need your personal information if you want to add money to your card online.
  7. You have registered and activated your card online. Now you can use your new prepaid MasterCard as you would a real credit card. Make sure you sign the back of your new prepaid MasterCard.


  • Use the new prepaid MasterCard correctly. It is real money and this money comes straight out of your pocket.
  • Some prepaid MasterCard’s actually build your credit. Look for these secured cards if you need to build your credit rating



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