How To Regrip A Cricket Bat

If you are a regular cricket player, then it is almost a must to learn how to regrip a cricket bat. Plain and simple, the grips on the bat wear; it actually happens quite frequently. When the grip starts to wear, the overall effectiveness of the cricket loses its effectiveness, with batsmen unable to grip it properly. When this happens, it is time to regrip the cricket bat and effectively improve your game.

To regrip a cricket bat you will need:

  • Grip
  • Rubbing Alcohol or Mineral Spirits
  • Cone or Cone Applicator
  • Cricket bat
  1. Inspect the bat. Cricket bats last a long time. In fact, you will probably regrip the cricket bat multiple times over its life. Still, they do wear out from time to time. So, before you place new grip on an old bat, inspect it for imperfections, wear, and cracks. If the bat shows signs of excess wear, it is probably time to buy a new one.
  2. Remove the old grip. Of course, the next step when you regrip a cricket bat is to remove the old grip. This can usually be done by rolling the old grip off the end of the bat’s handle. If you have trouble with this, simply cut or slice the old grip; just be careful not to damage the handle.
  3. Clean up the handle. There is a good chance that the old drip left remnants of adhesive or other material behind. Make sure to remove everything. You can normally do this with rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits.
  4. Roll the grip into a donut shape. Most of the time, when you purchase grip to regrip a cricket bat, it will already come prepackaged in a donut shape. Make sure the hole in the center of the grip is big enough to slide over the handle of the cricket bat.
  5. Put the grip on the cone. When you regrip a cricket bat, having a cone, or cone applicator, will make the process much easier. The cone is shaped similarly to cricket bat handle. One end will be narrower than the bat handle, and the other end will be wider than the bat handle. Roll the grip, which is in the shape of a donut, onto the cone. You will roll it onto the thin end, and then gradually roll it down towards the wider end.
  6. Apply the grip. Next, all you have to do is slide the wide end of the cone over the end of the cricket bat’s handle. Then, to regrip the bat, you simply just roll the grip off of the cone and onto the bat, letting it unroll until it covers the bat handle. Remove the cone, and take a few swings.
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