How To Rehab A Muscle Strain

How to rehab a muscle strain will take the knowledge of knowing how muscles function. When the tendons get stressed to its limits injury will occur. There will be immediate pain, fatigue, restricted movement and weakness. It's wise to implement the 'PRICE' technique to prevent any further damage of your muscle strain. The 'PRICE' technique consist of: protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation. Your doctor will grade your muscle strain according to the severity of the injury.

The items you will need to rehab a muscle strain are:

  • Ace band
  • Cotton balls or padding
  • Sling (if you injured your arm)
  • Ice
  • Epson salt
  1. Protection. Wrap the injured area firmly with a soft material, such as cotton balls or padding on the inside of the ace band. The ace band will compress the injury. If you've have a muscle strain in your arm, a sling should be provided.
  2. Resting will allow your muscles to regenerate making new fibers that benefit the healing process. Scar tissue will form while resting, which will repair a ruptured or a strain muscle fiber,.
  3. Ice is the fundamental way of providing immediate relief. When ice is applied on the injury the blood vessels begin to narrow out which will relieve pain. Place a loose cloth over a bag of ice and place it on the injury for ten minutes. Don't reapply the ice until a-half-hour has passed. Do this several this a day to rehab your muscle strain.
  4. Elevating the injury will reduce the effects of the muscle strain. The effective method to apply this technique is having the injury raised above your heart. You will reduce the blood flow of the injury.
  5. Epson salt is used to provide relieve of soreness, stiffness and muscle spasms. With a tub full of warm water apply two cups of Epson salt. Let the Epson salt stand for ten minutes in the water and begin to relax for 15 minutes inside the tub.


American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

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