How To Rehab Sore Shoulders

How to rehab sore shoulders will have you doing basic light exercises. Whether you injured yourself from playing sports or lifting heavy weights the rehabbing process will take weeks or months. Until you have some motion of your shoulders keep your shoulders away from contact. If sore shoulders persist seek medical attention from a doctor you may have frozen shoulder syndrome or a rotator cuff injury.


The item you will need:

  • Dumbbells

 Start with neck rolls to prevent stiffness in the shoulder and trapezius region.

  1. Begin to slowly roll your neck clockwise and do this for five revolutions. Do the same counter clockwise.
  2. Begin to turn your neck side to side as far as it can go. Turn your neck down until your chin hits your chest. Turn your neck up as far as it can go. You may place your hands on your head to do this stretch. This exercise will relieve tension of a sore shoulder.

After you have stretched out your neck and trapezius, do some shoulder shrugs. This exercise requires you to lift your shoulders as high as they can go.

  1. Stand up with your feet shoulder width apart and lift your shoulders. At the highest point begin to roll your shoulders forward for about ten revolutions.
  2. Do this exercise in the opposite direction. Remember to hold your shoulders at their highest point and then begin to roll your shoulders backwards. Again, do about ten revolutions. Consistently doing this exercise will rehab sore shoulders.

Put your feet together while standing. For this exercise, move your arms in a circular motion. If you feel any stress in your shoulders, slowly move your arms.

  1. Stretch out both your arms and make a “T” shape with your body. Keep your elbows locked when you’re reaching out in opposite directions.
  2. Begin to move your arms forward in a circular motion. Do about ten revolutions.
  3. With your arms still raised move them backwards in a circular motion. Do another ten revolutions.
  4. Keep your arms raised and begin to do bigger circles forward and backwards. Try to pace yourself by not doing this exercise fast. Have a control and slow movement. If you can control the motion of this exercise, rehabbing your sore shoulders will improve.

To prevent any injuries from occurring again, such as a sore shoulder, apply some weight training to the exercise.

  1. Stand up with your feet shoulder width apart and have two dumbbells on each hand. Begin to lift only your shoulder as far as it can go. Hold this position for two seconds and slowly lower your shoulders. Do 20 repetitions or as many as you can do.
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