How To Rehab A Tore Rotator Cuff

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn about how to rehab a torn rotator cuff. While rehabbing a torn rotator cuff muscle can be a very difficult process, it is essential in order to ensure optimal movement of the arm in the future.

  1. Rest the arm. For best results, put the arm which has suffered the torn rotator cuff in a sling, preventing any further movement. Let it rest for at least two days before attempting any movement. Icing the torn muscle for around twenty minutes at a time can also be effective in rehabbing torn rotator cuff muscles.
  2. Work on increasing range of motion. To do this, reach that arm that has suffered the injury across your chest, and hold it in place with your other arm. Hold the stretch for at least 10 seconds, and relax. Rest for a minute or so, and repeat the stretch again.
  3. Perform arm circles. Reach the injured arm out directly in front of your body, at shoulder height. Make a fist with your hand, and slowly rotate your shoulder enough to form small, evenly shaped circles with your fist. Perform ten circles, then repeat the direct of which you are rotating your arm. Take a break, and do the exercise one more time.
  4. Lay down on a table on your stomach with your injured arm hanging off the side of the table. Swing your arm back and forth in a motion similar to that of a pendulum. Continue swinging for at least 10 seconds, and rest. Repeat the exercise one more time.
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