How To Reinstall Blackberry Os

Are you wondering how to reinstall Blackberry OS? If your Blackberry keeps rebooting itself or is not acting right, you will need to consider a reinstall. Before proceeding, check with your service provider to see if they are compatible with the version you are running.

To reinstall Blackberry OS, you will need:

  • a computer (running Windows)
  • Blackberry desktop manager
  • Blackberry OS software
  • time to sit at the computer as you will want to prevent the screen saver or interruptions from other applications.
  1. Make sure you are downloading the correct Blackberry OS software. Use Blackberry's site to ensure you are getting a proper version of the software. You may need to obtain the OS software directly through your service provider.
  2. Back up your Blackberry applications. Using desktop manager, back up your Blackberry software. Next, backup third party applications. Make sure the third party applications are not the problem before considering a reinstall of them.
  3. Unplug your Blackberry. Unplug the Blackberry from your PC then close the desktop manager.
  4. Install the Blackberry OS device software. Be sure to download the correct Blackberry OS device software for your handheld. You may need to delete previous versions of Blackberry software from your system.
  5. Plug the Blackberry into your PC. Allow the drivers to install the Blackberry OS.
  6. Open desktop manager. Reinstall the Blackberry OS version that is on your computer.
  7. Back up your data. Be sure to choose the back up option for third party apps and data.
  8. Customize your settings. If you do not use default options on your Blackberry, customize the settings for future use.



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