How To Reinvent Missionary Sex

Missionary position is one of the first sex positions that you learn, but learning how to reinvent missionary sex will spice up your sex life. You don't have to learn how to do anything crazy to add new dimensions to the plain old missionary position, but you'll manage to get deeper and last longer with a few adjustments to your basic technique. Plus everyone knows missionary position, so it's not like you have to spend a lot of time talking your girl into trying out a new position. You'll just add these techniques into your normal repertoire and judge the reaction for yourself. Reinventing the missionary position is also one of the easiest ways to learn new sexual positions, a plus if you're new to trying different things in bed.

  1. Assume the normal missionary position. Get comfortably on top of your woman and make sure you're in the basic position before trying anything new.
  2. Change your position by raising or lowering yourself with your arms. Raising yourself changes the depth of angle, while lowering gives you an up close and personal connection with your woman.
  3. Sit back on your heels and pull her hips towards you. This change in the missionary position gives you full control over the thrusting as well as a deeper angle of penetration.
  4. Pull your woman's feet onto your shoulders and raise up. Once again the depth of thrusting increases to give her that much more pleasure.
  5. Adjust the speed of your thrusting, alternating between slow and fast. Keep it slower more often than not to lengthen the time of this sexual encounter.
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