How To Rekindle A Marriage

Do you need to know how to rekindle a marriage? When two people have stopped growing or when one  partner tries to control the other, a marriage can feel stifled. A couple can also give up or stop trying to romance each other when children, work, and routine interferes with the relationship. Disillusionment, and disappointment surfaces,and the marriage gives way to resignation instead of trying to resolve the issues. Other couples have experienced betrayal, infidelity, sickness, and even addiction as disruptions to the closeness once shared. How to rekindle a marriage is a question that points towards a positive step to rediscovering love and renewed commitment.

  1. Stop blaming your partner and stop blaming yourself.  Rekindling your marriage can begin by acknowledging it takes two to make or break a relationship, but guilt or accusations are not helpful. Remember that while it's best to confront those feelings, those are also not the feelings that will heal the marriage as they are rooted in past events. Begin to place the focus on constructive feelings that will move you forward.  
  2. Focus on the only one you can change; that is you.  Take inventory of how you contribute to the relationship as a means as to how to rekindle your marriage. Changing your negative behavior may not change the circumstances right away, but it will certainly change how you feel about yourself and that will prove empowering.
  3. Treat your beloved as if you fell in love with her that day, each day.  Rekindling your marriage means rekindling the love. The challenge is that the feelings may not be there. Tell her you love her. Tell her unexpectedly and often. Back it up with a gesture such as hug or a kiss. Be gentle with her and with yourself and release any pressures or expectations. Take each moment as one moment at a time.
  4. Wine and dine your wife at least once a month and build up to romantic outings once a week. Rekindle your marriage by practicing acts of love, even if for the time being they are not reciprocated. Find a regular sitter if you have kids. Court your wife as you did when you first fell for her. Woo her with gifts of flowers and expensive perfumes and jewelry and lingerie. If your wife needs to be wooed in a different way,court her according to her preferences. Making her feel loved and cherished is the key factor in the wooing
  5. Recommit to your wife on the deepest level. Rekindling your marriage on the deepest level means going to any lengths. Put your marriage first. Consider counseling to help heal the intimacy where you can learn to listen and respond positively  to each other in a safe environment.  Propose to your wife again, name her your soul mate. Surprise her with a new diamond on her wedding band. Suggest a recommitment of marriage ceremony using s  you fell in love to, and invite close and caring guests. Renew your wedding vows or recreate new ones to underscore the commitment. Show a montage of your  wedding and then romantic updates through the years  on a video, while on your honeymoon to cherish the years of connection
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