How To Relace A Baseball Glove

If you need to learn how to relace a baseball glove, there are steps presented here in order to accomplish this feat.  It is not an easy task; however, it can be essential if you want to save some money for a new glove, or perhaps restore a special glove that you can't part with now.  With some care you can learn how to relace your baseball glove.

To relace a baseball glove, you will need:

  • Leather softener or glove oil
  • Extra rawhide lacing
  • Pointy tool such as a leather awl or ice pick
  • Scissors
  1. Begin by treating the new lacing.  The rawhide lacing will need to be treated with leather softener or baseball glove oil in order for it to become softer and easier to work with during the relacing.
  2. Take note of the current lacing patter.  If needed, take some pictures in order to remember how the new lacing with go into the baseball glove.
  3. Remove the broken lacing and begin with new lacing.  Cut or otherwise remove a section of the broken lacing.  Then tie an overhand knot to begin with the new lacing; make sure you tighten the knot very well.
  4. Guide the new lacing through the glove.  Make sure to place the new lacing according to the pattern of the old lacing.  Also, make sure it is as tight as possible; it will stretch over time.
  5. Finish with a knot at the other end of the broken lacing.  Once you have completed with the new lacing, tie with an overhand knot at the end of the pattern.  Cut off excess lacing and continue as needed for the relacing of the baseball glove.
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