How To Release Garage Door Spring Tension

Need to know how to release garage door spring tension? The tension on a garage door is what keeps the garage from slamming down hard when it is let down. It also helps to lighten the weight when the garage door is lifted up off of the ground. You many need to release your garage door spring tension to fix or adjust your garage door, or just because you want it to be a little lighter when the garage door opens. It is quite easy to release the spring tension in your garage door, and it can be done in a few quick steps.

To release garage door spring tension, you will need:

  • A vise grip
  • A stepladder (optional)
  1. Release the rope on the garage door. Releasing the rope on an automatic garage door opener is what enables the door to be moved easily by hand. The rope is attached to the ceiling and connects to the power head on the garage door opener, and it can be released by pulling down on the garage door.
  2. Release the spring tension in the garage door. Lift the garage door up to open it fully. This releases the tension in the springs when the door is fully open.
  3. Support the garage door with a vice grip. Place a vice grip onto the tracks below the bottom rollers under the garage door to hold it open.
  4. Adjust the cable. To release the spring tension, grab the cable to slightly pull the spring (you may need a stepladder to stand on). Unhook the S-hook from the track while you gently and slowly release the cable, allowing the spring to go back to release the spring tension in the garage door.
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