How To Relieve Erections

It's nothing to be ashamed of and is as natural a body function as breathing, but when it occurs at the wrong time or place knowing how to relieve erections can save you more than a little embarrassment. What could be more uncomfortable than meeting your lady's parents and out of the blue you've got a big stiff one just waiting to catch the eye of her disapproving father? Sometimes it can seem like your penis has a mind of its own when it comes to erections. It doesn't always mean that you are aroused by something or someone when it happens, and even if that is the case you can still relieve erections without bringing attention to you or your lower half.

  1. How long does it take for paint  to dry by the way? Take your mind off of it by thinking of things that hold little interest for you. Ponder drying paint, math problems or anything that you would find dull and less than stimulating.
  2. Ouch, that hurts! Another way to relieve erections is to transfer that uncomfortable pinch in your pants someplace else. Pinch yourself or otherwise cause some small hurt that's discreet and doesn't make you look like a raving lunatic that's into pain.
  3. Turn to the hand. When all else fails, excuse yourself to the bathroom and take matters into your own hands. You'll hardly be the first man whose had to masturbate in order to relieve an erection that won't quit.
  4. Have a quickie. The only sure way to relieve erections is through orgasm. When your erection kicks in at an inconvenient time and even worse place, but your girl is on hand, make an excuse to leave with her in tow. Head home or find some other suitable place to get down and dirty to lose the erection and any chance of public embarrassment.


  •  If your erection does not go away or is painful, seek medical help immediately.
  • A painful erection that does not go away is called Priapism.


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