How To Reload A Paintball Gun

It is not very difficult to learn how to reload a paintball gun when you are out in the field playing paintball and battling another team. However, it is important to know how to do it properly so that you do not jam or damage your gun, rendering it useless for future game play. While certain custom paintball guns vary in design, most can be reloaded in exactly the same fashion.

To reload a paintball gun, you will need:

  • Paintball ammunition
  • Paintball Gun
  • Rubber Band
  1. Locate where the paint ball ammo is stored in the paintball gun. This is usually a plastic container on the top of the gun that guides the paint balls down into the chamber of the gun, allowing them to fire. Make sure this chamber is securely connected to the top of the paintball gun so it does not fall off while you are playing.
  2. Open the top of the plastic container. Make sure the inside of the container is clean and does not have any dirt or broken paint balls inside of it. Residual paint or dirt might cause the paint ball gun to jam. 
  3. Insert paint balls into the plastic container. Do this carefully so that you do not spill any of these paint balls onto the ground. You can do this by hand or by pouring the paint balls out of a bag and into the plastic paint ball container.
  4. Close the plastic top on the gun and wrap a rubber band around it. This will keep the plastic container closed so it can not pop open while you are playing and spill your paint balls all over the ground. You may want to have extra rubber bands with you in case this one falls off or snaps.
  5. Fire the paint ball gun. This will ensure it has been properly reloaded. Then, go play and have fun.

Tip: Try using a curved piece of paper which can be used as a funnel to easily pour the paint balls into the plastic storage container. A cardboard tube can also work for these purposes.

Warning: Do not use paint balls that are have paint on them or have fallen onto the ground. This is because excess dirt or paint can jam the gun.

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