How to Remember Football Plays

Learning how to remember football plays is the most important thing for every football player. Knowing how to remember football plays means you always know what you are supposed to do, and ideally, you will know what everybody else on the field is supposed to be doing as well. Before you start learning how to remember football plays, you will need to gather the following items.

  • Football Playbook
  • Film Room
  • Practice

Once you have gathered all of these items it is time to start learning how to remember football plays.

  1. Read the playbook. The first step in learning how to remember football plays is reading the playbook. You want to read through the entire playbook multiple times to help you become more familiar with the plays. Whenever you aren't watching film, working out, or practicing, you should be nose deep into your playbook. The more times you read it, the easier it will be to remember plays.
  2. Work hard in practice. When you run plays in practice, make sure you are running them full speed and paying attention. Paying attention is the real key in learning how to remember football plays. The repetition of running the plays in practice will also help you to remember the plays. Always run the plays how you would run them in a game so the plays become muscle memory. As the old saying goes, you play how you practice, so practice hard.
  3. Pay attention in the film room. When watching films of games, make sure you are paying close attention. Your coach will most likely point out things to fix on plays. As long as you pay close attention, and even take notes, then it should become easier for you to remember football plays. If you follow all of these steps and focus on paying attention and repetition, you will learn how to remember football plays in no time.
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