How To Remove A 2nd Generation iPod Touch Backplate

There are many reasons why it may be useful to know how to remove a 2nd generation iPod Touch backplate. Perhaps you want to replace the stock backplate with a custom backplate that shows off your personality. Or, maybe you are attempting to repair your iPod Touch. No matter the reason, it is fairly easy to remove a 2nd Generation iPod Touch backplate without causing any damage to the device itself. A flat screwdriver is recommended but other objects with a thin flat edge such as metal guitar picks can be used as well.

To remove a 2nd generation iPod Touch backplate, you will need:

  • 2nd generation iPod Touch
  • flat head screwdriver
  1. Prepare the iPod Touch for disassembly. Turn the power of the iPod device completely off by pressing in the power button on the top left, until the screen turns off. Remove your 2nd generation iPod Touch from any cases you may have installed.

  2. Carefully separate the backplate from the front case. Insert the flat head screwdriver or other tool into the narrow gap between the front and back of the iPod. The best place to begin is right above the dock connector. You will hear a click to indicate that the back has unlocked. Slowly work your way around the entire perimeter of this gap using the tool, gently prying the device open as you work your way around the device back to the position where you began.

  3. Remove the backplate. Once you have loosened the backplate on all sides, gently lift the backplate off.


A special “easy open” tool can be purchased to make opening the iPod touch easier and help minimize damage to the case.



Be very careful not to scratch the device with the screwdriver.

Removing a 2nd generation iPod Touch backplate will void the warranty, so be sure you know what you are doing.

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