How To Remove 90 Astro Van Windshield Wiper Arms

Learning how to remove your 1990 Astro Van windshield wiper arms can be a big help if you need to replace your wiper arms. These arms can get bent, misaligned or otherwise damaged. If you have some spare time on your hands, you can often remove these wiper arms on your own. Not only can this save you time spent on looking for a mechanic to do the job, it can also save you a bundle of money on repair costs. Most other vehicles other than the 1990 Astro Van share the same method of removing windshield wiper arms, so the following can also be applied to many other vehicles.

What you’ll need

  • Socket wrench


  1. Elevate the wiper arm. Pull the wiper arm upward and away from the windshield. The wiper arm will then lock into a vertical position.
  2. Remove the wiper arm cover. Near the base of the wiper arm will be a cover that fits over the retaining nut. Remove this cover in order to gain access to the retaining nut.
  3. Remove the retaining nut. The retaining nut holds the wiper arm on to the rest of the wiper assembly. Use a socket wrench to remove the nut.
  4. Remove the wiper arm. With the wiper arm retaining nut removed, gently work the wiper arm away from the assembly until it is free. You may also want to check the spindle it sat on for any damage. Sometimes the spindles may themselves shear off, resulting in erratic operation or no operation at all.
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