How To Remove The About Blank Virus

Knowing how to remove the about blank virus can be no easy task for some people, depending on the damages made to your computer. Symptoms of the about blank virus may be directing your homepage to another website, crashing websites or programs you normally use or any irregular activity performed in your computer.

  1. Take action instantly. To remove the about blank virus, stop all Internet activity, the only exception is to find an anti-malware software that help you get rid of the virus. There are programs useful and effectively removes the virus on the computer at no cost.
  2. Select the program to use on the infected computer. While there are thousands of programs available, some work better than others do; Avast!, and AVG Anti-virus are popular programs, well reviewed by most people, and are very helpful in removing a virus.
  3. Install the program in your computer. Save the program in a computer file, you wish to keep it in and follow the instructions on how to install the program. It should take no longer than a minute for the installation to be completed.
  4. Run the program. An icon should appeared on your wallpaper, click on the anti-virus software to open its window to finish the process. Most of the time, you will be able to scan your computer for any infected virus. It is best to scan the computer fully as the viruses could be hidden anywhere in your hard drive.
  5. Restart the computer. Usually after a successful scan completion, it is required to restart the computer to finish the removal process. Once rebooting the system, the about blank virus should be gone for good.

Tip: If you have difficulties searching for software on the Internet because of the virus, use another computer to download anti-malware software and save it on a CD disk or USB flash drive. Transfer the software to your computer to install.

If you have exhausted all options in getting rid of the virus, the last solution is to call a computer technician who can effectively remove the virus.



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