How To Remove Acoustic Guitar Nut

How to remove an acoustic guitar nut is a common question among many musicians, because if this process is done incorrectly, it could possibly harm your guitar beyond repair. It is also a common question because one of the big killers of tone for any kind of guitar is an old or worn out nut, and the first step to changing the nut is taking the original off.

What you will need:

  • Soldering iron
  • Hammer
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Razor blade
  1. The first step to removing the acoustic guitar nut is to try and get it off with the flat head screwdriver and hammer. You can accomplish this by putting the flathead screwdriver in the groove between the nut and the neck, and gently tapping it with the hammer. Be pretty gentle about tapping the acoustic guitar nut out because you don’t want to rip the nut out because the glue could still be sticky and could possibly damage the wood. If the nut doesn’t come out, move onto step two.
  2. If step one didn’t work, take the soldering iron and put some heated solder onto the guitar nut. Let it get down between the neck and the acoustic guitar nut so it can melt the dried glue holding the nut to the neck. Take care not to put big globs of solder onto the guitar nut because you could possibly put burn marks, and unless your Stevie Ray Vaughn, that’s a bad thing!
  3. Now that the glue is melted, repeat step one. Be cautious like you were in step one, but it should come off much easier now without ripping or feeling like it’s going to rip the wood.
  4. Now that you have the acoustic guitar nut out, use the razor blade to pull the glue out of the slot. Also use the razor blade to pull out the solder if there is any stuck to the neck, do this until you have a nice and clean guitar nut slot.
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