How To Remove Age Spots On Face

Learn how to remove age spots on your face. A lot of people, men included, would love to know how to get rid of age spots. Looking healthy is something most of us aspire to and getting rid of age spots is something to help you keep a youthful look.

Some things you need to get rid of age spots:

  • Skin brush
  • Limited sun exposure
  • Sunscreen
  1. Sunscreen is one of the best defenses against age spots. Stop the age spots before they start. Wear sunscreen as often as possible. Even in winter when the last thing on your mind is the need for sunscreen. In winter the sun reflects and is definitely still out giving its rays to your face. It's better to use SPF twenty or more. The higher the level of SPF, the more skin protection.
  2. Skin brushing. This a secret that not a lot of people know about. Skin brushing is done with a clean, dry toothbrush (on the face) and/or a regular sized brush (the size of a tub scrubbing brush) for the rest of the body. This helps to remove age spots on the face as well as other skin imperfections.
  3. Limiting your sun time. Staying out of the sun isn't the easiest way to remove age spots. It's nice to get some sun. But this is where slathering on sunscreen many of us hate goes a long way to help remove age spots and prevent getting age spots all together. Hats are helpful in covering your face to some extent and that helps protect your face from getting age spots.
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