How To Remove Apps From iPod Touch

How to remove apps from iPod touch is an extremely simple task. If you’re not that advanced with technology, it may seem like a hard task trying figure out how to remove an application from your iPod touch. With over 200,000 apps available you may have all the reason to remove some of the apps you already have in your iPod touch. Follow the simple steps and, within a matter of seconds, the app you once had will be completely deleted from your screen. 

  1. Turn on your iPod touch. Select the apps you wish to remove. Place a finger on the app and hold it in place for few seconds. An “X” will appear on the top left corner of the app. 
  2. Place your finger on the “X". A message will appear stating whether you wish to delete the app or not. Deleting the app will delete all its data in the iPod touch, freeing up memory. It will then ask if you want to rate the app. You can decide to bypass this option by hitting “no thanks” or you can go through the process of giving it a rating and your input on the iPod app. 
  3. Press the button on the bottom to restore your home screen to normal. You can't delete the main apps to your iPod touch because it's locked.  


Tip: If the icons don't have an “X” on the top left corner then you can't delete it yourself. Go to the Apple app store and delete it there. 



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