How To Remove Audi Double Din Radio

Want to learn how to remove an Audi double DIN radio from your car? The Audi double DIN radio is one of the features that have made this a very popular luxury vehicles. However, unlike many of the cars in this series, there is little complication involved when trying to remove the Audi double DIN radio. In fact, it might be possible to complete the entire process without the involvement of the garage.

Tools and aids needed:

  • Special hook tool
  • Screwdrivers
  • Resting panel
  • Car's user manual
  • Assorted hooks
  1. Gather all the tools that will be needed, including the special Audi radio hook tools. The car's manual should be opened at the relevant page so that references can be made when the need arises.
  2. The audio radio removal hooks need to be checked to ensure they are functional. A visual inspection is normally appropriate but if the operative is new to this task, he might need to do some further investigation.
  3. The hooks need to be inserted to loosen the old radio. This is normally a straightforward process unless there is something wrong with either the hooks or the radio itself. Substitution might be an option of there has been some damage. There are many companies that are happy to sell a substitute for the Audi double DIN radio.
  4. The Audi double DIN radio needs to be pulled out of the frame gently so no parts are damaged in the process. If the operative makes a mistake at this stage, he might damage the parts that can be very expensive to replace depending on the location of the dealership.
  5. The Audi Double Din Radio can work for Volkswagen radios and other members of the brand. The operative needs to ensure they always use four hooks or one hook for the single versions. The steps will have to be retraced if there is a missing part. This is expensive equipment that can reduce the functionality of the Audi double DIN radio.
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