How To Remove Autorun Virus

There are several signs that you may have to remove an autorun virus from your computer. The biggest sign is if your computer has started to run as slow as molasses. This could mean a slow start-up time, a slow loading time for software, or slow Internet performance. You may also not be able to access Windows Explorer or Control Panel, or you may notice programs booting by themselves. When you go on the Internet, there might be automatic pop-ups. If any of these things are happening to your computer, you may have to remove an autorun virus. Here are the ways to remove an autorun virus:

  1. Scan for Autorun Virus. Activate the task manager by pressing ctrl+alt+del. Click the "Processes" tab and then click the "Mem Usage" tab. If you see processes that are named something weird, like a bunch of capital letters, or maybe a process that you aren't even aware you're running, this could be an autorun virus. 
  2. Go into Safe Mode. There's a chance that you won't even be able to start the task manager. In this case, you'll have to run the computer in safe mode to remove an autorun virus. Press "F8" when the computer is starting up and you will be able to enter "Safe Mode."
  3. Access Windows Explorer. If you know what the autorun virus is labeled, right-click the "Start" icon and click "Search." Search for that program and delete it. Otherwise, you may have to install anti-virus software in order to remove the autorun virus. Some may resist being deleted without this software, too. If you have to take that step, try disabling the autorun virus to remove it.
  4. Disable Autorun Programs. Some autorun viruses are impossible to remove, but you can prevent them from starting. Click the "Start" icon and click "Run." Type "msconfig." Click the "Startup" tab here and uncheck the boxes for programs you don't need when you start the computer. This will serve the same function as removing autorun viruses.
  5. Initiate System Restore. If none of that works, click the "Start" icon" and click "Run." Type "msconfig." Click the "Launch System Restore" button and then run "Restore My Computer to an Earlier Time." Before you do anything else, make sure every file you want to keep saved is backed up. System Restore should remove any autorun virus from recent downloads.

If these steps fail to remove a particularly bad adware virus, it may be time to put the computer in the hands of someone who knows computers. Some retailers have a very helpful staff for computer problems.

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