How To Remove Back Seats Toyota Matrix

If you want to learn about how to remove back seats from a Toyota Matrix, then you are in luck. It is fairly simple. You will need a few tools first. Get those together and follow the instructions below and you will have it out in no time.

To remove the back seat from a Toyota Matrix, you will need:

• Two sockets (12 millimeter and 14 millimeter)
• One ratchet
• One small screwdriver

Steps to remove back seats Toyota Matrix

  1. Take the sockets and remove the four bolts on the front seat.
  2. Place the screws aside so you don’t loose them.
  3. Tip those seats forward.
  4. Loosen the seat belt wires.
  5. Pull up on the bottom edge of the cushion.
  6. Your mission is complete!

Now that you know how to remove back seats Toyota Matrix, you can do so whenever the situation calls for it. There are times that you need the back seat out of your compact vehicle. It is so simple to that you can feel confident that your little compact car is so easily adaptable.

How to put the seats back into place:

The Toyota Matrix back seats are easily put back into place. Just follow the steps in reverse. Then you will have your seats back in place when you are ready. Until then, you will have your back seats out for whatever your needs require. Now if you need to remove the back seat from the Toyota Matrix you will know how. Just make sure to keep track of the bolts while they are out.

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