How To Remove Back Tire On Vtx 1300 R

If you want to be a good motorcycle owner, you must know how to remove the back tire on a VTX1300R. Knowing how to do this yourself can help you save money and the stress of being dependant on someone else. It is simple to remove the back tire on a VTX1300R, and the guidelines below will help you master it in no time.

To remove the back tire on a VTX1300R, you will need:

  • A socket wrench
  • Sockets of 10, 12 and 19 mm
  • A rear lift or stand
  • Wooden blocks
  • A Schrader wrench
  • A bead-breaking clamp
  • Tire irons
  • A rubber mallet
  1. Loosen the nuts and bolts. When removing the back tire on a VTX1300R, you will need to use the 19mm socket to first undo the rear axle’s lock nut and loosen the stopper bolt of the back brake caliper. The stopper bolt is located near the shock absorber, and you will loosen the bolt with a 12mm socket.
  2. Lift the wheel. Your next step when removing your VTX1300R's back tire is to use a rear stand to lift the back wheel and remove the stopper bolt and axle lock nut. Then take the 10 mm socket and take the bolt out of the hose clamp. After taking out the bolt, remove the hose clamp from the caliper.
  3. Remove the muffler. After removing the clamp hose, using a 10 mm socket, undo the exhaust clamp of the muffler on the right side. Then, with a 12mm socket, remove the washers and nuts from the muffler and pull out the muffler.
  4. Undo and remove all parts. To remove the back tire from a VTX1300R, all parts need to be pulled out. Using a rubber mallet, take out the rear axle from the swing arm and back wheel. Next, from the center of the swing arm and rear wheel, remove the back brake caliper with a bungee cord. Disconnect the back wheel from the drive shaft mechanism. Also pull out the collars from the back wheel.
  5. Deflate the tire. Using the Schrader valve wrench, detach the valve core from the tire and let it deflate. After the tire deflates, break its seal. Then place tire irons in the spaces between the rear wheel and tire. Use these tire irons to lift and remove the tire off the back wheel.
  6. Remove the back tire on your VTX1300R. Keep pulling the tire towards you and inserting tire irons until the tire completely comes off the wheel.



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