How To Remove Baffles From Motorcycle Exhaust

You want that super loud engine sound on your bike and need to know how to remove baffles from a motorcycle exhaust. To intensify your motorcycle engine sound, removing baffles from you exhaust is exactly what will do the trick. There are silencers that make the engine sound dull before it hits the open air. Doing away with these silencers by removing the baffles will intensify the sound that you have been longing for. You will have a more powerful, greater, bigger sound on your bike by following these steps to remove the baffles from your motorcycle exhaust.

 To remove the baffles from your motorcycle exhaust you need:

  • Drill bit for metal cutting or ½” hole saw
  • Handheld drill 
  • Drill bit extender
  • Wrench set
  • basic socket


  1. Determine how many baffles are housed in your muffler. You need to know how much drilling you have to do before hand. There are usually two to three baffles in each muffler.
  2. Remove the exhaust from your bike. Underneath the motorcycle you will find a mounting bracket that the exhaust is held on. You may also see a cylinder head holding it up as well.  Remove any bolts or screws that are holding the exhaust on the mounting bracket.
  3. Drill out the baffles. Use a 1/2 inch hole and handheld drill to put into the motorcycle exhaust's outlet hole. Once you hit the baffle the drill will not go down into the exhaust any further, which means you are now ready to start drilling the baffles. Center the bit to the best of your ability and then drill through the first baffle. Repeat this step with each baffle one at a time until you are finished. Make sure to remove any pieces left inside the motorcycle exhaust.
  4. Replace the exhaust. Carefully reinstall the motorcycle exhaust system back onto your bike. Make sure you replace any bolts and screws that you had removed.


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