How To Remove Battery In Blackberry Curve

If you own one of the popular Blackberry Curve smartphones, at one point or another, you'll be wondering how to remove the battery in a Blackberry Curve.   Removing the battery can be a useful step in troubleshooting performance problems on your Blackberry Curve. It is a good thing that learning how to remove the battery in a Blackberry Curve is really incredibly easy. 

You'll need the following.

  • a Blackberry Curve smartphone (instructions given are for a Blackberry Curve 8310)
  • a few minutes


  1. Remove the back cover. The first step in removing the battery in your Blackberry Curve is to remove the back cover. Simply press the release button near the bottom of the phone on the back of the case. This will release the back cover closure and allow you to slide the back cover off of the Blackberry Curve.
  2. Pop out the battery.  After you remove the back case, you'll be able to see the battery. Take note of the orientation of the battery inside the Blackberry Curve so that you may replace it correctly.  Insert your fingernail carefully into the space near the top of the Blackberry Curve battery (for the purpose of these instructions, the top is the end that does not display the positive and negative symbols), and then slowly pry the battery out of the phone at an angle. 
    Remove the battery from the Blackberry Curve completely when the top part of the battery has cleared the case. Be careful to remove the battery slowly so that you do not damage the battery connection pins near the bottom of the phone.  
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