How To Remove BMX Cassettes

If you are a BMX biker, learning how to remove a BMX cassette will be a bit of information you will want to know. The cassette or what it is more commonly known as in BMX biking, as a chain ring or wheel is simple to remove. Leaning how to properly replace the china ring will save you time and money. Chain rings are readily available at bike shops or online. Removing the BMX chain ring uses common tools and a little bit of muscle. This article will walk through the steps to replace the chain ring (cassette) on a BMX bike. Following the process below you will be able to easily remove the chain ring in no time. This quick maintenance activity, of removing the chain ring is a great time saver and a good skill to know.

As BMX continues to grow in popularity, learning simple maintenance activities as removing the casette will prove wise. Like many other maintenance actions you can do yourself at home, this is a money saver. Read on and learn this skill quickly and you will be on your way to being an all around biker.

To remove BMX cassettes, you will need:

  • BMX bike
  • Chain ring
  • Socket
  • Wrench

How to remove a BMX cassette:

  1. Remove the chain from the rear chain ring. Use the wrench to loosen the nuts holding the rear wheel in place. Set the nuts aside and remove the rear wheel. Take this opportunity to clean the inside portion of the wheel rods coming off the back of the bike.
  2. Take the wheel in one hand and hold it tightly. Place the socket in place and use the wrench to turn it. You want to loosen the nut only. Use your finger to remove the nut from the wheel hub.
  3. The chain ring will come right off over the hub. Use the opportunity to clean the hub and grease if needed. Clean the area thoroughly and set the old chain rind aside of discard of required.
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