How To Remove Burned Images In Big Screen TV

If you have ever accidentally left your video game system on overnight and see the next morning that you have a burned image on your big screen TV, well then you need to know how to remove burned images in a big screen TV. Plasma and CRT televisions create an image by sending an electrical current or beam into phosphors. These phosphors will glow a certain color when they are activated and stop glowing when the current changes. If they are stuck on a certain color for hours on end, they will retain part of the image and you will see that burned image, even after the screen changes on your big screen TV. While there are ways to remove burned images, it will reduce the overall lifespan of your television.

  1. Use the burned image retention cleaner in your big screen TV. Many big screen TVs come with an image retention mode that will work to remove burned images. How to access this mode will vary by manufacturer and model, but it should be located in either the "Picture" or "Screen" menus. The image retention mode will flash a completely white screen on and off for about 30 minutes. After that time the burned image should be almost completely gone.
  2. Use your computer to flash the screen. Use an SVGA or HDMI cable to connect your computer to your big screen TV. Use a paint program to create a completely white picture and a completely black picture. Use the screen saver program to create a slide show of those two pictures. Leave the screen saver to run for at least 30 minutes on your big screen TV and the burned image should be almost completely gone.



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