How To Remove Calluses From Feet

Because calluses are not attractive, you may want to learn how to remove calluses from feet. Calluses are formed on feet when a person continuously puts too much pressure on the same area, or when a part of the foot is rubbed repeatedly. A callus is your body's way of protecting itself. These spots are hard to the touch and are often yellow in color.

You will need the following items to remove calluses from feet:

  • Tub
  • Warm water
  • Body wash
  • Towel
  • Pumice stone

Follow these steps to remove calluses from feet:

  1. Fill up a tub with warm water. You can use a plastic tub, or your bathtub to do this. Just make sure there is enough water to cover the part of your foot that has the callus.
  2. Add some body wash to the tub.  You may want to do this while the water is running.
  3. Place your feet in the tub and let them soak for a total of twenty minutes. This will soften up the skin, and get it ready to remove the calluses.
  4. Dry your feet off with a towel. Once your feet are dry, you will be able to remove the calluses.
  5. Rub a pumice stone back and forth over your callus. The top layers of the callus will rub right off.
  6. Repeat these steps each day for a period of one to two weeks. Your callus should be completely gone by then.


Prevent calluses ahead of time by wearing comfortable shoes with padded insoles.


Surgery may be the only option for severe calluses.

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