How To Remove A Car Amplifier

Need to know how to remove a car amplifier? Tired of paying someone else to remove it for you? Well, you have come to the right place. The information below will give you important tips to guide you in safely removing a car amp.

  1. You need to first turn off the power that is going to the amp. This is to protect you from being electrocuted by accident. You should always turn off the power before you remove a car amplifier. You can do this by turning off your car or buy turning off the power supply that is giving the amplifier power.
  2. Remove ground, remote and power wires. First, remove the power wires that connect to the amplifier for added safety. The colors of the wires should be red and yellow; if you can't identify them as such, then you should see wires that are connected to the (+) area of your amp. Next, remove the ground wires. Ground wires are usually black, but if you can't identify them by this then look for wires that are connected to the (-) section of your amp. Now remove the "remote" wire. It is usually between the ground and power sections on your car amp. The color varies form amp to amp, so you will need to look on your amp for the area that says "remote" to identify which is the remote wire.
  3. Remove all speaker wires from amp connection. The speaker wires on your car amplifier are connected to "channels" that are at a different location from your ground, remote and power sections on your amp. Each channel on your amp is made up of a (+) and (-) that are side by side. When you have found this area, remove the wires that are connected. 

 You can now safely remove your car amplifier from your vehicle!


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