How To Remove Car Wax From Cloth

Here are instructions for how to remove car wax from cloth. You need to remove car wax from cloth before throwing it into your washing machine.  This process is mostly to be able to reuse rags for waxing your car.  However, it can also be used for getting car wax from your clothes. 

Needed Items: 

  • Rubbing Alcohol(isopropyl alcohol)
  • Dish detergent with degreaser
  1. Remove the wax as soon as possible.  Do not allow the car wax time to settle into the fibers of the cloth which makes it harder to remove.  
  2. Hand wash the item with dish detergent.  Rinse and wash again at least three times if it is a rag with a lot of wax on it.  If it is an item of clothing with a small spot one washing may be sufficient. 
  3. Pour the rubbing alcohol unto the rag to cover the car wax stain and let it sit before rinsing.  If it is clothing, pour the alcohol onto a clean cloth and rub on the stain.  Continue to rub until the wax has been removed. Add more isopropyl alcohol to the cloth if it dries before you are finished. 
  4. Place in the washing machine and launder as normal.  Inspect the cloth before you put it in the dryer to make sure the car wax has been removed.  If the stain is still noticeable repeat the rubbing alcohol step.

Tip:  Use plastic gloves if you have sensitive hands to keep them away from the rubbing alcohol and detergent. 

Warning:  Never wash a cloth full of car wax in your washing machine without removing as much wax as possible. 

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