How To Remove Car Wax From Plastic Moldings

You've just got done waxing your car and want to know how to remove car wax from plastic molding. It is easy to accidentally get wax on your plastic molding while waxing your car, but it is very possible to remove it. Giving your car a wax job makes your car have that dealership shine like you just got it cleaned at a car detail shop. The wax makes the plastic molding on your car look cloudy. Wiping the wax off with a rag will not permanently remove the wax because the cloudiness will come back after a few days. With the proper cleaner and removal techniques, you can easily remove wax from the plastic molding on your car.

To remove wax from plastic molding you will need:

  • water
  • sponge
  • bucket
  • dish detergent
  • cotton towels or rags
  • rubbing alcohol
  1. Wash the plastic trim. Mix a small amount of dish detergent with some water in a bucket. To remove the excess wax from the plastic molding apply, the sudsy water with a sponge to wash the plastic molding. Rinse the molding with cool water. Dry the car molding completely with a cotton towel.
  2. Apply and soak the rubbing alcohol. Poor a good amount of alcohol until a clean towel and apply it to wipe down the plastic molding. Allow the alcohol to soak on the molding for twenty to 30 minuets. The alcohol will soften the car wax to make it easier to be removed from the plastic molding.  
  3. Remove the rubbing alcohol. Take a clean rag and wipe the soften wax and the rubbing alcohol from the plastic molding. Use a clean side of the rag as you finish wiping off the rest of the wax and the alcohol from the molding.
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