How To Remove A Cartier Tank Watch Stem

How do you remove the stem from a Cartier tank watch? There are several methods by which Cartier could attach their watch stems to the movement of the watch. The first is by way of a small screw which holds the stem in place. The second uses a lever activated detent to hold the stem in place on the movement. This article will discuss both methods.

Items needed to remove the stem from a Cartier tank watch.

  • Case wrench
  • Screw drivers
  • Case knife
  • Case holder
  • Pointed end tweezers
  • Spring bar tool
  1. Prepare the watch.  Place the watch in the case holder or lay it on a soft clean cloth if you do no have one, This is to prevent scratching the crystal or bezel of the watch. In some cases, in order to use the case wrench, or work properly you will need to remove the bracelet of the watch. If this is the case, use either the correct screw driver, or the spring bar tool to remove the case back.
  2.  Remove case back.  Use the correct tool and remove the case back from the case of your Cartier watch. If there are a series of small slots along the diameter of the case back, you will use the case wrench to unscrew it. If there is a slot along the edge of the junction of case back and case you will need the case knife to pop the case back off. Use the knife in a manner similar to opening an oyster. If there are a series of small screws along the case back, use the proper fitting screw driver to remove it.
  3. Determine attachment method.  Determine the method to remove the stem from your Cartier tank watch by examining where the stem meets the movement. If there is a small screw holding it in place, you will need a proper fitting screw driver. If there is not look for a small lever. There will normally be a small dimple on the end of the lever. If you cannot see it, wriggle the crown gently and you should see the lever move. You will need the tweezers to press the lever.
  4. Remove crown from the Cartier tank watch.  If you are dealing with a screw carefully unscrew it. Under normal situations, it does not need to be completely removed. Pull the stem free from the movement. If it has a lever and detent use the pointed end of the tweezers and press in the lever at the dimple. Pull the stem from the movement of the watch.

There, you have successfully removed the crown from your Cartier tank watch. Take care to replace any gaskets from the case back if they happen to get damaged when removed. The over all process is not exactly difficult, but, must be performed carefully so as not to damage any fragile parts. When using screw drivers make sure they fit properly so you do not damage the heads of the screws.

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