How To Remove Cement Glue From Faux Suede Sofa

Need to know how to remove cement glue from a faux suede sofa? Glue stains can be very tricky, so you need to take care of them immediately. Follow these steps to remove cement glue from your faux suede sofa:

  1. Immediately scrape the excess cement glue from the faux suede sofa. Use a butter knife or putty knife to remove the glue. Don’t let it dry on the fabric or it will be even more difficult to remove.
  2. Carefully blot the wet cement glue using a dry cloth or paper towel. Be very careful not to rub or smear the glue around or to rub it deeper into the faux suede sofa. Try to lift the glue directly upward.
  3. Dip a clean cloth into white vinegar and gently scrub the faux suede sofa. Try not to rub the cement glue outward. Begin outside of the stain and move into it.
  4. Repeat the previous step as necessary. Dip the cloth into the vinegar and scrub, then wipe it down with warm water once the cement glue has been removed.
  5. Consider other options. If you are unable to remove the cement glue from your faux suede sofa, consider having it steam cleaned or purchasing a sofa cover to hide the glue stain.

Use caution when working with cement glue; try to avoid working near your faux suede sofa, as cement glue can be difficult to remove from the fabric. If it does happen to come into contact with your sofa, however, remove the glue immediately, if possible.

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