How To Remove A Chin Scab From Kissing

If you want to know how to remove a chin scab from kissing, it's important to ask just how you got a chin scab during the process of kissing. On second thought, maybe that question doesn't need an answer. You have a chin scab and have a big event; maybe even a date with the kisser that was involved in making the chin scab and need to disguise or remove the disaster.

To remove a chin scab from kissing, you will need:

  • aloe lotion
  • skin moisture cream
  • a bit of matching foundation makeup
  • mild, liquid soap
  1. Clean the scab. Notice this step did not say "remove the scab." It is important to understand that removing a chin scab from kissing does not actually entail removing the scab, it only gives the appearance that the scab has been removed. If you ripped off the scab each time you wanted to make it go away, this would create a deep scar. The scab is the body's way of healing the wound and creating new skin to cover the injury. Simply pulling off the scab exposes the wound and delays healing. The body must then create another scab and begin the healing process again. Take the liquid soap and lightly rub the soap and water to create bubbles on the skin where the scab is located. This doesn't mean scrub the scab. Disinfecting the skin with warm water and soap discourages an infection in the wound. The last thing you need on your chin is a large red skin area around the chin scab, where the body is showing an infection.
  2. Moisturize the scab. A dry scab risks the chance that rubbing the chin on anything, including a person for another round of kissing, will rip off the scab and delay the healing process. After a gentle cleaning, lightly blot the wet skin with a very soft towel. Apply a thin coat of moisturizer after the towel action. No need to get the scab and skin around the scab completely dry before putting on the moisturizer. Damp skin, in fact, keeps the moisture underneath the lotion. Avoid a lot of water, however, because this adds to the drying effect on the scab. 
  3. Mix up the disguise lotion. Once the scab is moist and protected. Pour out a small amount of aloe into the hand and mix just a touch of foundation makeup into the aloe. Make sure the foundation color matches your skin color. If not, the covering will attract more attention than the scab itself. Also make sure that the scab is moist or the mixture will stay in the dry texture of the scab and fail to blend in evenly. Before applying the mixture, test the color on the back of your hand. If it blends perfectly, apply it to the scab area. Make sure to blend the edges of the mixture into the skin to make the cover look natural.
  4. Remove the aloe and cover mixture. Once you are home and don't need to remove the chin scab from view, gently wash the area again and add the moisture again.
  5. Heal the chin scab. Part of removing a chin scab from kissing is to permanently clean the wound area to allow healing to happen. Keep the scab moist with aloe and wash off any sweat or dirt from the chin. 

Figure out how the chin scab happened during the kissing session and make sure it doesn't happen again. Remember, when it comes to kissing, practice always makes perfect. 

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