How To Remove Clipless Pedals From Bike

Knowing how to remove clipless pedals from bikes is a standard question that is asked in the 21st century bicycle community. The standard road and mountain bike pedal is the clipless pedal. Even though the shape of the clipless pedal will differ from the platform pedal, with or without toe clips, it still uses the same basic parts and attaches to the crank the same way. The removal of clipless pedals is the same for both the road bike and the mountain bike.

To remove clipless pedals from bikes, you will need:

  • Pedal wrench
  • Allen wrench 6mm (optional)

To remove clipless pedals from road bikes or mountain bikes:

  1. Make sure both wheels are firmly on the ground. This provides better support for the momentum necessary to loosen the tight thread pedal.
  2. Place the pedal so that the arm is just above the ground. Using a pedal wrench, prepare for the removal of a tight pedal by leveraging your body above the arm. The pedal wrench is specially designed to remove pedals and give the leverage needed for maximum efficiency and torque.
  3. Grab the opposite crank arm to keep the cranks from spinning as force is applied to remove the right pedal. Turn the pedal wrench counterclockwise like any traditional threaded nut to remove the right pedal. Once free, continue to rotate counterclockwise until the pedal is off.
  4. Turn the wrench to the right to remove the left pedal. The left pedal has a reverse thread which keeps the pedal from unscrewing while you ride, which is why the pedal wrench is turned clockwise. Remove the pedal from the crank arm.

Since pedals are often very tight and not easy to remove, turning the wrench in the wrong direction might cause the pedals to become tighter. To remember which direction to turn the wrench to loosen the pedals, always turn the wrench towards the back of the bike. This will work on both the right and left pedal.

When removing clipless pedals, if the bike has more than one chain ring, shift onto the large chain ring. This will prevent a hand or wrist injury if the bike moves while working on the pedals.

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