How To Remove Computer Virus For Free

These days, there are countless ways to easily get a computer virus so knowing how to remove a computer virus for free will surely come in handy. Thankfully, there are great and effective ways to remove a computer virus for free. The basic rule to avoid a computer virus is to keep your computer protected while not executing potentially harmful files or anything you might find suspicious. But even so, with the vast amount of computer threats lurking around your computer everyday, even computer veterans may be easily exposed to any type of malware. Here's what you can do if this happens to you:

  1. Obtain a free anti virus tool. In order to remove a computer virus for free, your PC needs to be equipped with one of the following: Avira Antivir Personal Edition, Avast! Free Anti Virus, or AVG Anti Virus Free Edition. There are more free tools to remove a computer virus for free, but these are highlighted as the most reliable and popular ones today.
  2. Install one of the aforementioned security programs. Once you get yourself a free copy of an anti virus tool, ensure no other program is running-especially your web browser-and follow the on-screen instructions to install it. For example, you may simply be asked to agree to the program's legal terms, choose an installation path, activate the program through a free license key if needed, and you are on your way to successfully removing a computer virus.
  3. Once installed, launch your anti virus program. To remove a computer virus successfully, first you need to update the anti virus software. If the program does not auto-update, browse for any update options clearly available from the anti virus' main menu. Please note that you need an active Internet connection.
  4. Scan your computer while no other programs are running. If you launched any program after the installation of the anti virus, it is best to close it in order to allow such program to remove any computer virus more  efficiently.
  5. Inspect and scan regularly. Knowing how to remove a computer virus is only half the battle. The real trick is knowing how to keep your computer safe in the future. While your anti virus program generally alerts you of any computer virus as it appears in your computer, sometimes it may take longer for your program's virus database to update and recognize the latest and newest threats. Therefore, make sure you schedule manual virus scans at least once a week.
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