How To Remove The Cue Tip From A Pool Stick

It's time to repair your favorite pool stick by learning how to remove the cue tip from a pool stick. A few pool sticks make it easy for you, the cue tip just screws on and off. Most cue tips on pool sticks however use glued or rubber cement which means you'll have to be careful how you remove the cue tip as to not damage the entire pool stick. You may get the urge to grab a pair of pliers to try to snap the cue tip off. This is not recommended. With a little patience you'll have that cue tip off in no time.

A few essentials you will need:

  • Eyedropper
  • Adhesive remover or acetone
  • Sandpaper
  • Sharp utility knife
  1. With eyedropper dip into adhesive remove or acetone.  Now directly on the edge of the cue tip place two to three drops of remover or acetone.  How to remove a cue tip from a pool stick means you have to make sure the solution is on all away around the cue tip. So turn the pool stick as you use the eye dropper.
  2. Let solution site for a full minute. If you want to make sure you don't break your cue stick then how to remove a cue tip from a pool stick you have to give the solution time to work. Use your fingers to see if it's loosen, if not, reapply solution and wait another minute.
  3. Take utility knife and gently pry off cue tip. This step requires care for if you force it you could split your stick. In how to remove a cue tip from a pool stick you should firmly but with care now pry off the tip. If it's still stuck on there then redo the solution.
  4. Sandpaper the blunt edge.  There will be debris and adhesive material probably still left on the end of the stick. By using a light hand to gently sand off the tip you have now successfully learned how to remove a cue tip from a pool stick and its now ready to a new tip.
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