How To Remove A Dashboard Of A Ford Escort

You want to replace your radio on your car and want to know how to remove a dashboard off of a Ford Escort. Removing a dashboard from a car is a task that does take some effort to do, but it can be done with a little help. A lot of instruments are connected to the dashboard, so replacing knobs or buttons, replacing air vents, and even customizing your car can cause you to need to have to remove your dashboard. Following the right steps and with a little bit of time will enable you to remove the dashboard from your Ford Escort.

To remove the dashboard from your Ford Escort you need:

  • trim stick
  • screwdriver
  1. Unscrew screws and bolts securing the dashboard.  Locate and remove screws underneath the steering wheel, near the top of the speedometer area, and near the break and gas pedals on the driver's side. You can also find screws at the bottom and upper panels surrounding the stereos.
  2. Pry around instrument panel. Use a trim stick and begin to pry the edges of the instrument panel surrounding the stereo and AC/heater controls of your Ford Escort.
  3. Remove the glove compartment. Open the glove compartment on your Ford Escort. Pull down on the glove compartment as you press on the sides of it. This will allow the compartments to be loose from its stops. Remove any additional screws or bolts in that area. To completely detach the compartment by removing the fasteners from it.
  4. Begin to wiggle the dashboard. This will allow you to see and remove and additional screws attached to the dashboard that are still holding it and locking it down.
  5. Disconnect all electrical connectors from the dashboard. Once you have removed all of the screws look underneath and on the sides of the dashboards to see what wires need to be disconnected from your Ford Escort.
  6. Remove the dashboard completely. Once all wires, fasteners, screws and bolts are removed begin to remove the dashboard. Use your screwdriver and trim stick to pry any areas still attached. Gently lift the dashboard up and area at a time until it is completely removed from your Ford Escort.
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