How To Remove Engine From Audi

Here are instructions for how to remove an engine from an Audi. There are numerous reasons of why you may need to remove the engine from your Audi. You may need to remove your engine to troubleshoot your engine for problems, the engine may be locked up and need to be replaced, or the engine may be in the way of other work that you have to do on your car. No matter the reason, it is not an easy task, and you should have some knowledge about your Audi car and a friend to help before you attempt to remove your engine. By following these steps, you will be able to remove the engine from the Audio yourself.

To remove the engine from your Audi you need:

  • drain pain or bucket
  • wrench
  • screwdrivers
  • jack and jack stands
  • engine hoist
  • heavy chain
  1. Remove the hood of your Audi. Take out all of the bolts on hinges of your hood car with a wrench. Carefully lift up and remove the hood of your Audi completely from your car and set aside. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Drain the radiator fluid. Place a bucket or drip pan underneath your engine, and open the radiator cap. Allow all of the fluid to completely drain out from the engine's cooling system. Once the fluid is drained, remove the hoses. If needed, cut any hoses that don't come off easily. They can easily be replaced.
  3. Remove the radiator. Loosen the hose claps to be able to slide out the hoses. Unscrew all of the fan bolts and screws connected to the radiator. Next, while supporting the radiator, remove all of its mounting bolts. Pull the radiator out from its place to remove it.
  4. Disconnect the power steering pump. Loosen the power steering pump on your Audi with a wrench. With the hoses still connected, pull the power steering pump and the air condition compressor in the direction away from the engine. Leave the spark plug wires attached while you loosen all electrical wires connected to the engine. Disconnect the exhaust manifolds and remove any bolts from where the engine and transmission connect.
  5. Lift up your Audi with a jack. Place jack stands underneath the car to support its weight. Have a wrench with you when you slide under the car. Remove the exhaust pipe and starters connectors. Loosen the transmission connections at the cross member and unbolt any additional transmission connections to the motor. Next, unbolt the motor mount connection. Once you are done, slide out from under the Audi and lower it back down.
  6. Remove the engine. Attach the heavy chains to both corners of the engine, and then attach the chains to the crane's hook of the engine hoist. Lift the engine just a little to get all slack of from the chains. Remove any mounting bolts and wires connected to the engine. Carefully use the engine hoist to lift the engine out of the car being sure to clear anything in the way and place the Audi engine on the ground.  
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