How To Remove Exterior Sliding Glass Doors

Learn how to remove exterior sliding glass doors by following some easy steps. This process is very easy if you have some help. It’s definitely a two person job.  Removing sliding glass doors require extensive maneuvering and you will need someone who is fairly strong to help you.

In order to remove an exterior sliding glass door, you will need:

  • A helper
  • A screwdriver
  1. Remove the screen door simply by sliding a flathead screwdriver underneath the track.  Pry the screen door from the track and maneuver the door out.
  2. Now the glass door should be able to be removed.  With the help of another person lift the sliding glass door and push into top track.  Maneuver out of the door by tilting sideways and moving backwards.
  3. Do the exact same thing for the fixed door part.  Move to the middle of the track.  This might be a little hard to do, but with some force it should come out.
  4. Now you need to remove the rollers and track.  There should be some screws located on the track.  Remove all screws until loose enough. Take a crowbar and pull out the track.  Clean out the entire area before putting in a new door.
  5. Look into local, state, and federal benefits for making your home more energy efficient.  You may qualify for special tax incentives or rebates for upgrading your sliding glass doors.  This can add up to extra cash in your pocket and might even inspire you to upgrade all doors and windows.
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