How To Remove Fiberglass From Skin

Men who work with fiberglass want to learn about how to remove fiberglass from skin. Fiberglass makes great insulation for keeping rooms warm in the winter and cool during the winter, but it's not cool to have in your skin. In fact, it's a wee bit painful. That's like an teensy piece of glass in your hand. But, it's actually not too difficult to remove the fiberglass from your skin.

What you need:

  • Tape
  • Maybe duct tape
  • Warm bath
  • Salt
  1. Regular tape. Try taking tape and gently put it on the area of skin where you need to remove the fiberglass. Pull the tape slowly off and see if you get most of the fiberglass pieces out. Don't press the piece of tape too snug on to your skin to remove the fiberglass.
  2. Using duct tape. If the regular tape does not work, you can use duct tape. Cut out a small strip of duct tape and lightly put it on the area of skin with the fiberglass poking. Gently take the duct tape off a few seconds after applying it to remove the fiberglass.
  3. Soaking in the tub. The other thing you can do is to run a warm bath with salt in it and soak for a bit. After being in the tub for a little while, your pores open up allowing the fiberglass to remove itself from your skin. This should do the trick of removing fiberglass from your skin and is a comfortable way to remove the fiberglass.



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