How To Remove Flash Player From Firefox In Linux

If Flash Player is causing you problems, you may need to remove Flash Player from Firefox in Linux. Adobe Flash Player is a very useful plug-in to have on your browser, but it can cause many problems such as causing your browser to freeze. Additionally, certain sites that use Flash Player don't work properly. The steps below will show you how to remove Adobe Flash Player from Firefox in Linux.

Things you'll need:

  • Computer with Linux operating system
  • Firefox web browser with Flash Player plug-in
  1. Close all programs. Many applications use Adobe Flash Player. If these programs are open, you will have problems with the uninstallation.
  2. Open Firefox. Check which version of Adobe Flash Player you have installed. In the address bar type" About:plugins" and press "Enter." This will show you what version of Flash Player you have installed.
  3. Remove flash player from Firefox in Linux. In order to remove the Flash Player, you need to type the command as follows: "Sudo apt-get remove –purge flashplugin-nonfree."
  4. Restart Firefox. Type "About:plugins" on the address bar to make sure the Flash Player is no longer installed.
  5. Install another version. At this point you can install another version of Adobe Flash Player for Firefox in Linux if you wish.
  6. If you install another version, restart Firefox. You will need to close out of Firefox if you install another version of Adobe Flash Player. When you re-open Firefox, the new version should be installed.



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